Resistor box



Precision Resistor Box

Precision resistor box HVR1000 series are used for inspection of insulation resistance tester and circuit design. Nominal resistance value range is 1meg ohm to 10tera ohm. Resistance value
1MΩ~ 1000TΩ

Variable Resistor Box

The VR100 series are custom-made type resistor box. This type can set up the 11 favorite resistance values. Resistance value
100kΩ ~ 1TΩ

Decade Resistor Box

The DR20000 series are assembled specially high-stability resistors 1MΩ~1111.110GΩ. These features make this decade resistance box for use in production lines as well as in laboratories. Ranges
1MΩ ~ 1111.110GΩ

Ultrahigh Standard Resistor

The HVR10000 Series is a highly stable standard resistor that gets a low temperature coefficient and low voltage coefficient with a ultrahigh resistance range. The connecting terminals of the resistance circuit has guard, which enables stable resistance measurement in the air. There is the temperature sensor, which enables the internal temperature measurement of the resistor. Precision resistance measurement is possible at 25 ˚C ± 10 ˚C, it can be used for calibration of measuring instruments. Resistance Value
100MΩ ~ 100TΩ