Our resistors are classified in the metal glaze resistor of thick film type.
It is high resistance values, high withstand voltage, and high accuracy.
Our products are widely used as key-parts in industrial equipment such as physical and chemical measuring instruments, X-ray apparatuses, electron microscopes, and other instruments. The resistors are RoHS compliant.
We can supply various types of resistors such as surface mount type, lead type, for high power and voltage, for high vacuum, voltage divider, and complete lead-free.
We have produced various specialty products to meet your requirements based on the technological strength and achievement so far.

High voltage measuring instruments

We realized high precision and high input impedance at high voltage measuring instruments.
And it has become a product that is safe and easy to use.
・Digital high voltage meter which can measure easily the high-voltage. (Digital high voltage with GP-IB)
・High voltage divider which can measure high voltage by connecting the multi meter. (Max.DC200kV,accuracy±0.1%~)
・High voltage probe to measure the waveform of high voltage.

Resistor box

Resistor box is a product that has high accuracy and excellent long-term stability.
We offer the resistor box below.
・Precision resistor box (HVR1000 Series) :This resistor box is used as the standard resistors.
・Variable resistor box (VR100 Series):This resistor box can set up the 11 favorite resistance value.
・Decade resistor box (DR20000 Series) : This resistor box has the high-resistance range (Up to 6 ranges).